Rival Consulting Group s.a.l. is a pragmatic management consulting firm specialized in Strategy, Structure and Operational Excellence.

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For quick business advice by email, please write to Rival Consulting Group at: marketing@rivalconsulting.com and we will answer your business questions and provide you with enlightening ideas and tips from our long years of rounded experience in Management, Retail and FMCG businesses.

Abdel-Salam Bdeir

Welcome to Rival Consulting Group!

Rival Consulting Group is a focused management consulting group and an expert strategy advisor. We are specialized in helping businesses in the MENA region improve their competitive edge, revenues, market shares and net profits, by transforming their business modules and business practices from local or entrepreneurial practices into world-class best-practices. We specialize in helping our clients formulate stronger strategies, build more capable organizations, and develop commercial, logistical, operational and human capital strategies. This fully transforms our clients businesses and aligns their practices with the industry?s best-practices. Rival Consulting Group also develops and conducts skill-development training programs, as well as providing executive coaching services for its clients, which are tailored to their businesses, their challenges and their objectives.

The objective of Rival Consulting Group is to get you implementing, not just planning and developing your strategies. Our consulting services are focused on reviewing and identifying you real business issues for further analysis, problem-solving and execution. Nevertheless, our customized approach is practical, successfully-proven and directed towards producing tangible bottom-line results.
In a nutshell, while you are busy with your day-to-day prioties and urgencies, we use the context of your business to develop the strategies and behaviors necessary for your success in todays competitive and everchanging environement.